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South African Comedy Night!


Join us for our annual South African Comedy Night Featuring Comedian Mel Miller!

Please RSVP online at www.chabadirvine.org - this is not a reservation page!

If there was a King of Comedy award, the recipient would surely be Mel Miller. Timeless, adored, and enormously funny, this giant of stand-up has been tickling the funny bones of South Africans for years and years. Mel has been crossing the (sometimes delicate) lines of age, culture and color for as long as we can remember; and his audiences continue to thrive on his particular brand of humor.

Mel’s history as an entertainer goes way back to the early sixties when, as a member of well known folk singing group Mel, Mel and Julian the entertainment ‘bug’ bit, cementing Mel’s entire future as a sought after entertainer! Stints on television shows in the vein of Biltong & Potroast soon followed, as did a good 10 years working the Southern Sun circuit and the rest, as they say, became history!