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E3 Women in the Word Day Retreat


Discover a new way to spend time in the Scripture!
Ladies! This is not about being crafty or being an artist, this is about sharing blessings through journaling in your Bible.
We will show you how to get started, talk about supplies, and just gather and enjoy this activity as group of believers.
Please join us for the whole day or even part of the day.

For inspiration, please follow @She3shares and @GospelConfetti on Instagram

Cost: $60 (includes Journal Bible, Lunch & Dinner)

Email: womensministry@exodus3.com to RSVP
Arise & Shine and join us for bible journaling!

What's the purpose of E3Ladies Bible journaling?
Our vision and hope is that it will help the ladies to spend more time in the bible learning about Jesus and growing in fellowship/sisterhood amongst one another.

What is Bible Journaling?
Bible journaling is an interactive bible study method that helps you to interact with God’s Word by recording your own thoughts on what you’re reading. You can record your thoughts by writing, drawing, painting, or make a collage (whatever you like). Media for bible journaling can be pencils, color pencils, crayons, marker (mind that it may seep through the next page), pens, watercolors, stickers, etc. Whatever your heart desires!

How will we do this?
The plan is for each of us to have our own journaling bible which we, ourselves, will journal in and also be passed around so we can have a taste of blessings or struggles that others have encountered. Also, we plan to gather so that we may share together, too!

Do I need to be creative to be a part of this?
Not at all. If you like, you can simply just write a journal entry, devotional, or thoughts on the journal margins. There are no expectations to be artsy and colorful with Bible journaling.

More questions? Email us at womensministry@exodus3.com

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